Energy Saving Technologies implements a turnkey dispatching system that allows for full functional control and management of the station at the local level of water supply or sewerage, and when included in the automated dispatching network – ensures the operation of the station throughout the city system.

The scheduling system is a software and hardware complex designed to build systems for remote monitoring and control of pumping stations.

Possibilities of our dispatching:

– start / stop of the station;
– exclusion of a faulty pump unit from the technological process;
– control of technological indicators at a remote control point;
– counting the operating hours of each pump unit and the number of engine starts;
– indication of operating parameters of the station;
– self-diagnostics of the system and transition to the emergency mode in case of failure;
– remote setting of station operation parameters;
– keeping a log of the station;
– control over objects of different types at one control point;
– the ability to inform stakeholders about emerging accidents through e-mail and sms-messages.

The use of the scheduling system provides:

  • increasing the amount of information on the quality of water supply;
  • increasing the reliability of equipment operation;
  • reduction of response time of operational services to the accident;
  • reduction of operating costs by reducing maintenance costs;
  • reducing the likelihood of equipment failure due to timely detection of failures.