Modernization of pumping stations  

The pumping station is equipped with a complex of hydrotechnical equipment and spores, which vikoristovuєtsya for pumping the state-owned, industrial, or ominous sewage waters near quiet floods, if they are not allowed to enter self-propelled water.

Zagalne spozhivannya energoresursіv znachnіy mirі lie in the pumping area. However, the energy efficiency of a pumping station is often lower than the energy efficiency of other pumps installed on it. The reason for this lies in the lack of operational characteristics of the system as a whole, as well as in its mismanagement. To improve the efficiency of the business, it is necessary to reduce the operating time of the pumping equipment, increase its reliability and durability. In this manner, it is necessary to modernize the possession, and if necessary, replace it, with the improvement of all the features of technological processes that occur in the system.

The Energy Saving Technologies Company works on the installation of pumping stations, upgrading of pumping equipment, reconstruction and repair of the installation of pumping stations (sewage, drainage, fire extinguishing) etc.