Treatment plant  

The purification of sewage waters helps to protect the ecosystem and is necessary for the natural environment.

We suggest only optimizing and revising the solution

In the purification period, wastewater is cleaned in mechanical and biological treatment plants. The order of biological purification consists of one tank with two lines of wastewater treatment, in which anaerobic and anoxic chambers, an aeration chamber and secondary vents are installed. In the skin section, aerobic and anoxic brains are treated, and in this way, the processes of nitrification and denitrification are ensured. Active mule for cleaning waste water is used in the Dortmund-type water tanks. The stench of the order with the aeration chamber is being installed. Proponuetsya kindly at home and zastosovuvana for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus biological technology, as transferring the one-hour process of nitrification and denitrification, as well as biological removal of phosphorus